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Simba Blox 104114126, 50 Black Building Blocks Fo

Simba Blox, 104114126, 50 black building blocks foOpis:With the Blox stones from Simba Toys you can create the most amazing buildings and fantasy objects. There are no limits to the creativity of the little builders. Each foil bag contains 50 black stones, including 16 eight stones and 34 four-stones. All Blox bricks can be combined with well-known tiles and suitable for children aged 4 and over. They are also available in blue, yellow, white and red.Data premiery: 2017-11-01Marka: SimbaWaga: 0.154 gramWysokość: 1.2 cmSzerokość: 4.8 cmDługość: 4.8 cmFor small and large builders: whether house, plane, ship or small animals, with the building blocks from Blox you can easily implement any building project. Experience unlimited creativityFully compatible: the inexpensive clamping blocks are ideal as basic building blocks and can be easily combined with the systems from other manufacturers and are in absolutely no way inferior to you4 and 8 mixed: each foil bag contains 16 pieces, 8 and 34 pieces of the smaller 4 bricks. Perfect for individual building projectsFor children over 3 years: saliva-resistant plastic, no sharp edges or tips, simple pressure points with good clamping force and the extraordinary quality ensure safe funOutstanding quality made in Italy: decades of experience, the latest quality and manufacturing processes, as well as first-class raw materials ensure perfect funUWAGA: Kupując produkt na tej aukcji zgadzasz się na wydłużony termin realizacji wysyłki. Podany towar pochodzi z zagranicznego magazynu, stąd wydłużony czas realizacji który podany jest obok.

Simba Klocki

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